Don't Sweat Your AC Malfunction

Don't Sweat Your AC Malfunction

Rely on our team for rapid air conditioning repairs

Idaho can get pretty hot in the summer. But with AC services from 7th Element Heating and Cooling LLC in Meridian, ID, you won't have to put up with a faulty air conditioner for even a day. We'll respond quickly to your call and can repair or replace your AC unit as needed. We also offer emergency air conditioning repair.

For an estimate on AC services, contact us today.

5 signs it's time to call in an HVAC contractor

You probably need air conditioning repair or replacement services in Meridian, ID if you notice:

1. Banging or clunking sounds coming from your unit.
2. Reduced airflow coming from your vents.
3. Warm air coming out of your vents.
4. Liquid pooling around the base of your unit.
5. A sudden increase in your energy bills while the temperature stays the same.

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